February 15, 2018

Football Offence Solicitors Legal Guidance When Might a Football Banning Order Be Made?   Football Banning Orders are frequently imposed on individuals who are convicted of football related offences of violence or disorder that take place at football matches, or in the surrounding area.  These orders are a vital part of the police and court’s armoury in their fight against football hooliganism.   A Football Banning Order is a civil order made by the court preventing the offender from attending regulated matches, and will usually include various conditions to be complied with.  A Football Banning Order will be in addition to any criminal penalties imposed on conviction of a football related offence.  This is because the order is not intended […]
February 15, 2018

Conditions of a football banning order

Will Any Conditions Be Attached to a Football Banning Order?   A Football Banning Order is a vital tool for the courts and the police in combatting the problem of football hooliganism and violence. An advantage of Football Banning Orders as far as the police are concerned is the flexibility they offer: these orders can have various conditions attached which the individual must comply with.   These are usually stringent conditions which often impact on the individual’s freedom of movement.  However, the courts consider that certain conditions are necessary for the purposes of the prevention of football related violence and disorder, and they are under a legal duty to impose a Football Banning Order in the case of serious offences. […]
November 26, 2017

Caught Driving without a licence

Caught driving without a licence What is the law on driving without a licence You are not allowed to drive without a full driving licence in the UK unless you are a ‘learner driver’ and there is a full licence holder with you. In the years gone by there was an increase in drivers operating a vehicle without a licence as many felt they would never get caught.  According to the Automobile Association (AA) one in 40 drivers on the UK roads are unlicensed this figure includes disqualified and provisional licence holders the chances of getting caught after knowingly driving without a licence are much higher due to the use of technology deployed by police such as ANPR cameras that […]
November 2, 2017

Drink Driving Solicitors

Drink Driving Offences Have you been accused, or caught Drink Driving? You may have been caught at the time of your intoxication or flagged the following morning and breathalised still over the limit. Either way, there is a serious risk in receiving a driving ban which can ruin job opportunities and in turn, lives. Our advice to you is; don’t risk going it alone. You need a Driving Offence solicitor to help. Drink driving is a very serious offence and with it comes serious penalties, carrying a potential of a driving ban serving a minimum of a 12 month ban. If you are hoping to avoid a ban then you need to hire our specialist driving offence team based out […]