November 18, 2014

Benefit Fraud Solicitors

Are you being investigated for benefit fraud?

Benefit Fraud covers several types of fraud including tax and credit fraud. Whether you are due to attend an interview with a DWP investigator or have already been interviewed and are charged with an offence to attend court, you need to contact a specialist solicitor.

What should I do if I am facing Benefit Fraud charges?

Firstly, you should always be cooperative with the authorities. Doing this can help reduce or eliminate your sentencing. You then need to get a criminal defence lawyer. Qamar have a professional network of solicitors

who are experienced in dealing with investigations and prosecutions regarding benefit fraud. Our specialist criminal defence solicitors will help guide you through the often complicated legal process and make sure you equipped to move in a positive direction with your investigation.

What is the sentencing for Benefit Fraud?

If convicted of benefit fraud, you could be given a prison sentence. More serious offences carry longer sentences. Circumstantial evidence can often lead to reduced sentencing and is pivotal to successful benefit fraud defence. The benefit fraud solicitors at Qamar LLP, we are experts in mitigating sentences. We know that a prompt repayment can lessen sentencing, as can cases where fraudulent activity started within periods of immense stress or disability.

Our criminal defence lawyers ensure that the court is fully aware and considerate of your circumstances.

Benefit fraud solicitors: How can we help defend you?

We offer professional advise and represent you if there is a substantial case for defence to put forward. If a formal interview is required we can accompany and advise you. If you are to be interviewed you may be eligible for legal aid. If you are to be prosecuted and have to attend Court, we can also advise you about applying for Legal Aid.  Qamar Solicitors LLP have years of experience in successfully defending benefit fraud. Take a look at when we have settled such allegations in the past.

If you are facing benefit fraud charges, get a good criminal defence lawyer to get the best advice and guidance available.