March 7, 2017

Driving Laws & Mobile Phone Convictions 2017

New Driving Legislation that everyone needs to know – Driving Laws 2017 Is the year that the laws regarding use of mobile phones when driving where enforced to the max with media campaigns and tighter legislation many took heed of the advice given yet hundreds if not thousands have been caught driving with their mobile phone.  Some police forces have gone as far as using double decker buses to obtain their evidence. If you are accused of using you mobile whilst driving you should seek legal advice, you are facing 6 points on your licence and a £200.00 fine, to drivers with previous offences that could be an instant ban. We are often asked, what if I use my mobile […]
January 31, 2017

New traffic laws on using mobile phones

New Traffic Laws: What you need to know. From 1st March 2017, penalties in England are set to harden for drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving. 2016 saw a major toughening of existing legislation to enforce the ban on driving while using a mobile – with up to 40 fines being issued an hour across the country. Now fines and penalty points are both set to double to £200 and 6 points, while recently passed drivers will face losing their license altogether. Nearly 8,000 fines were issued in November 2016 alone as a result of the crackdown announced as part of a plan to make driving while using a phone ‘as unacceptable as drunk driving’. By comparison, a […]
December 22, 2015

Tougher penalties for using mobile phone while driving

New government proposals are being put forward to increase the sentences handed down to drivers who are convicted of using a mobile phone while driving. The plans which are to be consulted in 2016, propose an increase in penalty points from 3 to 4 and an increase in fines from £100 to £150. The option for first time offenders to undertake an educational course will remain an option. In a move designed specifically to target offences involving heavy goods vehicles,  HGV drivers will face having 6 penalty points,  double the existing number of points imposed It is intended that the proposals along with wide ranging package of updated legislation will help improve road safety across the UK. Road traffic lawyers Being […]
October 20, 2015

Types of drink driving offence

There are several types of drink driving offences that people can be charged with. These include: Driving while exceeding the legal alcohol limit commonly referred to as “drink driving” Death by careless driving under the influence of alcohol Failing to provide a specimen Driving with excessive alcohol The charge of driving (or attempting to) while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most common drink driving charges.  In this type of case it needs to be proved by the prosecution that the defendant was driving, or attempting to drive, the vehicle and that a sample of blood, urine or breath had been correctly obtained and showed alcohol levels were above the legal limit. If the defendant is found […]