Serious Fraud

September 27, 2017

What is UK Carousel Fraud?

Formally called Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) VAT Fraud, Carousel Fraud can be a complex to understand due to the financial technicalities, speed and scale at which a Carousel Fraud offence is conducted. A diluted form of Carousel Fraud is acquisition fraud which takes place when a product is imported VAT free from abroad and then sold on to someone in the UK with VAT. The VAT owed to the government is then not paid with the seller usually disappearing. Carousel Fraud is estimated to cost up to £14 billion per annum Carousel Fraud occurs as a more complex form of Acquisition Fraud and involves goods being imported VAT free and then traded through a string of companies, each one liable […]
August 8, 2017

HMRC Interview

Have you been invited to attend an interview by the HMRC for a suspected tax infringement. Due to top level changes in the last few years HMRC have increased activity in bringing about prosecutions in to suspected tax fraud. It is more than likely that the first time you have become aware the HMRC is investigating your tax affairs is when you receive a letter summoning you in for an “Interview under Caution”. The Interview under Caution is an important part of an HMRC investigation into suspected tax crimes. Receiving the HMRC interview can come as quite a surprise and be a worrying time so it is important to take stock of the situation and to seek the right advice […]
May 4, 2017

Fraudster living in Huddersfield sentenced to over 5 years in prison

A 48­ year ­old man, whose last known address was in Brighouse, has been sentenced to five years, ten months in prison after being convicted of council tax fraud. Jack Darrell Henry, is a serial fraudster, who masterminded a council tax fraud that got customers to part with money in the belief they would get a wholesome tax rebate for changing the council tax banding on their property. Many of the people conned in the scam were elderly; Henry often targeted vulnerable people who he could persuade into parting with their money. Customers were either cold called or given leaflets suggesting they were overpaying on their council tax and that they could get a rebate by using Henry’s company. Henry’s […]
January 26, 2016

Conspiracy to defraud

The charge of conspiracy to defraud is wide-ranging, but ultimately revolves around whether or not a defendant has made an agreement to commit a criminal fraud. This common law offence stands apart from the statutory fraud offences which now exist –  prosecution teams use it to catch the less specific cases which statutory law does not cover. Cases are not uncommon and can often be large and complicated, involving many defendants and charges. In the local area, there have been two notable cases in recent years. Nazam Hussain Ashiq of Dewsbury was sentenced to 3 years for conspiracy to defraud, as well as multiple sentences for money laundering, in 2012 for his part in dealing with the proceeds of a […]