Caught Driving without a licence

November 26, 2017

Caught Driving without a licence

Caught driving without a licence

What is the law on driving without a licence

You are not allowed to drive without a full driving licence in the UK unless you are a ‘learner driver’ and there is a full licence holder with you. In the years gone by there was an increase in drivers operating a vehicle without a licence as many felt they would never get caught.  According to the Automobile Association (AA) one in 40 drivers on the UK roads are unlicensed this figure includes disqualified and provisional licence holders the chances of getting caught after knowingly driving without a licence are much higher due to the use of technology deployed by police such as ANPR cameras that can scan your number plate and feed them all the information needed.

What could happen if you are caught driving without a licence.

If you are convicted of driving without a licence you could face 3-6 penalty points on your licence, and maybe even a fine of up to £1000.00 often when someone is caught without a licence they do not have insurance too and if this is the case you could see a further 6-8 points and an increased fine of up to £5000.00 and a driving ban. This could have a devastating impact on your life

Should I enter a guilty plea.

Without knowing your case It would not be appropriate for me to advise you. I can however tel you that if you are a first time offender and at the earliest point  you do plead guilty maybe using ‘special reasons’ you can be given credit which could lead to a lesser sentence than someone who maintains their innocence and is found guilty.  For a free telephone consultation and to establish whether special reasons may apply to your case,  contact us.

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I need a driving solicitor why should I contact you today.

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