December 24, 2014

Conspiracy to Supply Drugs

Supplying drugs is a highly illegal practice and the police are diligent in prosecuting anyone involved with supplying illegal substances, no matter what amount of involvement they have in the process.

If you are intending to supply drugs you can still be charged with conspiracy to supply even if you are not caught in the act of supplying. In organised drug dealing schemes, people are often prosecuted under the charge conspiracy to supply class A drugs, even if they are not directly selling the drugs. If a person is aware that they are a part of drug dealing operation, no matter how trivial their part, they can still be prosecuted under this charge.

Regularly, people fall victim to being ancillary members in a drug dealing operation. Dealers lower down the supply chain, couriers and people involved with money laundering (to whatever extent) are frequently presented under drug dealing conspiracy charges. These people are often prosecuted when people higher up the drug dealing chain are not caught.

Qamar Solicitors LLP provide an expert defence for clients in conspiracy cases; this includes cases of conspiracy to supply drugs. Qamar’s specialist solicitors deal with cases of conspiring to produce drugs and conspiring to import drugs. Remember, making an agreement to be part of illegal activity is still a punishable offence even if you are not caught directly for the offence.

Very often drug conspiracy cases are heavily sentenced and this can put a great deal of stress upon the defendant. Being found guilty of a drug conspiracy charge can have serious repercussions. If found guilty the defendant faces potential financial problems, difficulty finding employment and it also puts a great strain on their personal relationships.

Qamar Solicitors LLP are committed to providing a dedicated defence team who are empathetic of the defendant’s circumstances; we always provide those facing drug conspiracy charges with a personable and professional service.

A conspiracy case involving drugs is primarily concerned with the people central to the criminal operation, mainly bosses and their immediate delegates. This said, however, conspiracy cases extend to anyone who is involved with a drug dealing operation (anyone who has any amount of awareness or assistance in a drug operation).

There is varying amounts of involvement that you can have in a drug operation and subsequently there are many different charges. Conspiracy to supply means dealing drugs or intending to be involved with dealing drugs. The distribution of illegal substances is also usually tried under this charge. The manufacture or planned manufacture of illegal substances, natural or otherwise, is also an offence and is usually categorised as production or cultivation conspiracy. If, in instances where drugs are brought into the UK but not sold, the reality is still a charge of conspiracy to import, this is another sub-category of conspiracy to supply.

For people less involved in the drug dealing process the charge of being concerned in supply is usually applied; this charge reflects a lesser involvement. Whilst being regarded as a less serious offence this charge can still carry a prison sentence upon conviction. Being concerned in supply  punishes people involved in drug operations at a low level such as taxi drivers, security guards and people who had knowledge of an operation but did not participate. It can also include instances where people know they are involved in a drug operation but do not know the extent of the operation or the value of the drugs that they are supplying.

At Qamar we have solicitors who are experts in defending against these types of charges. Forensic investigation performed by the prosecution will be challenged to make sure that it is completely accurate; if not it may be become insignificant. When necessary our own forensic specialists will aim to disprove forensic reports presented by the prosecution.

In these types of cases it is also of critical importance to recognise that the use of police informants and undercover officers is very frequent. If the prosecution does not mention that these methods were used the defence can present a case for the entire case to be dismissed, as has previously happened. Our criminal defence solicitors are always working to make sure that vital information is not concealed by the prosecution.

If you are facing any of these charges yourself or know a friend or family member who is, no matter what their involvement or knowledge of a drug operation, please contact Qamar Solicitors.

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