December 30, 2015

Disability benefit Fraud

If you are under investigation for Disability Benefit Fraud it is suspected that you falsely claiming the Disability Living Allowance. Since the rates of Disability Living Allowance  vary depending on the level of care required and / or mobility you have alleged fraud is often involved with claimants being more mobile than the entitlement being received suggests.

As Disability Benefit Fraud is a social security benefit it is the responsibility of the Department of Work and Pensions to investigate circumstances of suspected disability benefit fraud. These investigations will be conducted by specially trained officers within the Fraud Investigation Service located at local job centres. These investigators will look into the lifestyle of the alleged fraudulent claimant. This could include looking at bank statements and undertaking surveillance to gather evidence.  The fraud investigations service could ask you to attend an interview either informally or under caution.

If after the investigation there is enough evidence to suggest that the fraud has been committed or the case will be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service.

What to do if suspected of disability benefit fraud

If you are under investigation for any type of benefit fraud or have been asked to attend an interview it is important to seek the advice of a trusted benefit fraud solicitor.