Drink Driving Solicitors

November 2, 2017

Drink Driving Solicitors

Drink Driving Offences

Have you been accused, or caught Drink Driving? You may have been caught at the time of your intoxication or flagged the following morning and breathalised still over the limit.

Either way, there is a serious risk in receiving a driving ban which can ruin job opportunities and in turn, lives.

Our advice to you is; don’t risk going it alone. You need a Driving Offence solicitor to help.

Drink driving is a very serious offence and with it comes serious penalties, carrying a potential of a driving ban serving a minimum of a 12 month ban. If you are hoping to avoid a ban then you need to hire our specialist driving offence team based out of Huddersfield and covering the West Yorkshire region.

There are a few defenses which may come into use for Drink Driving allegations:

  • Proving that the defendant was not driving
  • Suggesting police evidence to be unreliable, and therefore denying the defendant was over the limit
  • Proving that the defendant was not driving on a public road or in a public place
  • Argue that the alcohol that put the defendant over the limit was consumed after they stopped driving

If you believe that any of these defenses are relevant to your case or believe that you have been wrongly accused then get in touch.

You are at risk of:

  • 3 months’ imprisonment
  • up to £2,500 fine
  • a possible driving ban

This charge is brought about when the accused is caught in the car, with keys in hand whilst over the limit.

The general defence in this instance is that the accused has decided to sleep in their car rather than run the risk and drive home.  The defence can argue this and a pharmacologists report maybe required.

Special Circumstances

Although arguing special circumstances is not a valid defence, however they can be taken into consideration and evidence must be given under oath.

Examples of special circumstances may include

  • Laced drinks and being over the limit without their knowledge
  • There was an emergency situation where the defendant had no choice but to drive

No matter the accusation, if you have a drink driving offence and want the best chance of fighting it with success then give us a call.