Have you been breaking the law and not known it? Find out 10 of some common broken laws and see how many fines you could have racked up here

October 24, 2017

Have you been breaking the law and not known it? Find out 10 of some common broken laws and see how many fines you could have racked up here

There are numerous laws, most of which come as common sense, however there are  many that come as a shock… Especially when you realise you’ve been breaking these laws and could have been fined or worst.


We’ve taken the time to go through the law book and think some of these will shock your socks off.


Here goes…


Using an UNFIXED phone as a SATNAV

Punishment: Up to 6 penalty points and £200 fine

YIKES! Do yourself a favour and invest in a phone holder or stand before you get caught out


If you eat, drink, apply makeup, change a CD while driving you are breaking the law

Punishment: 3-9 penalty points and a potential for up to a £100 fine

Girls put down the lippy and boys, that burger can wait!


Driving without first clearing your roof of snow

Punishment: £60 fine and 3 penalty points

It takes one minute, and we don’t get snow much in this country so take that extra minute whilst your windscreen is clearing and clear your roof.


If you’re making a PROFIT for giving somebody a lift

Punishment: Up to £5000 (yep you read it right!) fine and 6 penalty points

That doesn’t get you out of paying your parents fuel money for picking you up drunk but all Facebook Taxis – have your wits about you.


Swearing or give rude hand gestures

Punishment: A potential for up to 75% of your weekly income

OMG right! Many of us would be bankrupt if we were caught every time – it comes under ‘disorderly behaviour’ laws


Splashing Pedestrians with puddles

Punishment: 3 points on your licence

Uh huh – this is real


Playing excessively loud music in your car

Punishment: First comes a verbal warning, but if the warning is ignored you run the risk of having your car seized

Plenty of will have been guilty of this in our younger years!


Failing to declare Medical conditions to the DVLA (this includes Caesarean Sections, ADHD and more)

Punishment: £1000 fine

Just take a look at the list on the DVLA website, most conditions are common sense, but better to be safe than a £1000 lighter


Beeping your horn for any other reason than to alert traffic

Punishment: £30 fine

Be careful, your road rage may cause even more rage if you were slapped with a fine


Flashing your headlights to warn others of a speed trap

Punishment: Minimum of £30 fine

You think you’re doing your civic duties by warning people but it could land you in trouble.

On a more serious note if you have been caught in violation of a driving offence and need a quality road traffic solicitor you are in the right place.  Everyone else, drive safe!

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