January 26, 2015

Drugs on Your Premises, Could you be Liable?

Drug Crime in Huddersfield

A 2014 report by Police.uk found that 1117 crimes were committed in the Huddersfield area, 27 of which were Drug offences (not accounting for the 486 incidents in West Yorkshire that could not be mapped to a location). Drug crimes accounted for 2% of all crime within Huddersfield during this period.

Though this seems like a small figure, this only represents direct drug charges. The figure does not take into account other crimes in Huddersfield of which drugs are a large contributing factor, such as violent crimes and theft. With this in mind, all areas the supply of Drugs is taken very seriously by authorities, due to the repercussions that it has on the wider community.

If you are the landlord or manager of a property involved in the use or supply of drugs, this could mean you could also be held responsible under the MDA.

Misuse of Drugs Act Section 8

It is also an offence to have drugs located on your premises under section 8 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. Section 8 prohibits the supply and production of illegal drugs on particular premises. It also covers the preparation or smoking of opium and cannabis.

If you own, manage or lease a property where these activities are taking place, you could be found liable under section 8 of the MDA. A Section 8 order can also be applied to businesses and services such as nightclubs, hostels and pubs.

The court will take into account the factor of the defendant’s knowledge of the activities, looking less favourably on those who turn a blind eye, or fail to take action if they know what has been taking place. This is why it is essential that if charged under section 8 of the MDA, you have a robust and thorough defence to stand up to the accusations.

What should I do if I am facing charges under the MDA?

If you are facing supposed charges under any section of the Misuse of Drugs Act, you should get advice from a legal specialist as soon as possible who can help you through the often complicated legal process. Qamar Solicitors LLP employ a team of specialist fraud solicitors, Huddersfield and Dewsbury based, who operate throughout Yorkshire.

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