Falling standards in UK Police Force | Qamar Solicitors

November 27, 2014

Falling standards in UK Police Force | Qamar Solicitors

Falling standards in UK Police Force emphasises need for a good criminal defence solicitor

The official police watchdog has today accused UK police forces of failing to properly deal with criminal offences, particularly modern offences such as cybercrime.

Her Majesty’s inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) who independently assess British police forces in the interest of the public, have also criticised forces for what they describe as ‘indefensible failures’ in crime recording.

According to HMIC’s latest report 18 of the 43 regional police forces in the UK have many officers lacking vital skills.

The HMIC report announces that in several instances police failed to properly gather evidence from fingerprints, failed to identify suspects correctly and failed to properly support victims. It also found that in many cases the police had limited access to forensic and mobile information technology. A good criminal lawyer can recognise this as poor police investigation and often swing a court decision in favour of the defendant.

At Qamar Solicitors LLP we provide specialist criminal defence solicitors who scrutinise police procedure and make sure that the Police were completely compliant with regulatory standards with regards your specific case.

Every case should have an individual investigation plan, which should provide unique details about what the supposed criminal is being charged with. The latest HMIC report finds that some police investigation plans had information copy and pasted from other cases. Investigation plans are supposed to be tailor­made for each crime; in cases where investigation plans are absent or shoddily put together a good defence lawyer can recognise mistakes and slack investigating on behalf of the police that could result in a case being dismissed.

According to HMIC, The West Yorkshire police department ‘requires improvement in the way it investigates offending’. Qamar Solicitors LLP are expert criminal defence solicitors in Leeds, Huddersfield and Dewsbury, and are committed to providing a dedicated team of defence lawyers to the West Yorkshire Area.

If you are facing charges or have been arrested for any criminal office, contact our team of criminal defence solicitors and let us give you a comprehensive criminal defence.