May 18, 2017

Grooming Offences Rotherham and the Alexis Jay Report

This week it was announced that the police watchdog will be investigating complaints against officers in Rotherham in response to the grooming scandal.

This follows the report initiated by Rotherham Borough Council led by Professor Alexis Jay back in August 2014. The report led to a national outcry, and led to Rotherham Borough Council leader Roger Stone stepping down immediately.

There were calls for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright to step down following the report. Commissioner Wright initially refused, but later resigned from his post in September. This was after he faced questions regarding the scale of abuse in Rotherham.

The report led to other resignations of a high profile nature including the strategic director of children’s services, Joyce Thacker.

Rotherham Grooming Facts and Figures

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has said in a statement that it will be looking into more than 100 allegations for 42 officers, which include complaints of neglect of duty and corruption.

Since Professor Alexis Jay’s report was published, 29 people have been convicted of sexual offences in Rotherham.

As a result of the report there have been five resignations in total, including the PCC and Councillors Roger Stone and Paul Lakin. There has been a further 5 reports published on the issue in Rotherham and there are currently 7000 documents under review for the Louise Casey Report.

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