March 16, 2015

Huddersfield is home to some of the UK’s worst Drivers

Top 20 bad drivers report

A new study  by a driving safety group has revealed that two of the top 20 drivers with the most licence points in the UK are from the Huddersfield area.  One man from Brighouse managed to rack up an incredible 30 points through multiple speeding offences. While a Huddersfield woman has a total of 28 points for speeding and having no insurance.

With statistics like these making local and national headlines, the Police are going to be more than keen to crack down on motoring over the next few months in response. The unfortunate effect of this for the average motorist is that Police may be increasingly vigilant towards them.  Speeding offences are the most common of all road traffic offences, and can affect even the safest and most careful drivers.

The Cost of Speeding Offences

Penalty points on your licence can mean higher insurance costs, fines and you may have to go on a speed awareness course, which may mean taking time off work.  In the worst case scenario, you could face losing your licence leaving you unable to drive for quite some time.

Penalty points will remain on your licence for three years, so the consequences of even a minor offence can affect you in the long term. You can face disqualification from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points over three years.

This is why it is essential that you contact a speeding lawyer if you are charged with a speeding offence.

Driving Offence Solicitors

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