Littering as shameful as Drink Driving

April 10, 2017

Littering as shameful as Drink Driving

Today in the news the Times and Telegraph report that Littering must be made as shameful as drink driving

As Drink Driving Solicitors we see many cases, where clients are over the limit and facing losing their drivers licence for being caught drink driving.  Today’s news has been linked to the topic of Driving whilst drunk in charge of a vehicle.

Due to the councils spending over 1 billion pounds a year which is considered a waste of council payers money that could be spent on other things, there is demand for a crackdown.

This is not the first time the topic has surfaced as in 2014 Jeremy Paxman was behind a campaign with the same ethos.

There is a strong desire to shame people into changing their ways. Is shaming people the way to go? Did you know that in Queensland every Monday they publish the names of all their drink and drug drivers that appeared in the magistrate’s court?

Another route to tackle the problem is a suggested charge similar to the 5p carrier bag and to double the litter penalty to £150.00. Are shaming and increasing fines going to fix the problem, only time will tell. Recently new laws were introduced that saw the increase in fines for individuals using mobile phones whilst driving, as solicitors we saw a spike in arrests as soon as the law was introduced as police stepped up their resources in tackling the problem, will the same apply to a litter crisis?