Military Solicitors

November 24, 2014

Military Solicitors

Military Law Specialists

Prosecution under military law can bring about serious consequences and possibly mean the end of your military career if you are found guilty. We have years of experience dealing with military cases and our criminal defence lawyers are committed to representing members of the armed forces.

The process of investigation under service law differs from civilian law and how offences are dealt with depends on the seriousness of the offence. It tends to be that minor offences are dealt with by your commanding officer at a summary hearing, whilst more serious offences are dealt with by the court martial.

You are permitted to request a court martial trial if you wish to have your case heard in a recognised court of law.

If you speak to one of our expert criminal defence lawyers they will advise the appropriate course of action for you to take dependant on your circumstances. We will clearly explain to you what punishment you face if found guilty.

Should you wish to appeal the outcome of a summary hearing, Qamar can provide legal representation for you at your hearing. If you are facing charges under service law, and need more information, contact our specialist team. We will explain and advise you on the best course of action to make sure you are represented with the best defence possible.