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We provide specialist legal advice in relation to all aspects of serious crime and serious fraud cases right through to general crime and road traffic offenses. Our specialist solicitors have successfully defended our clients in some of the largest complex prosecutions in England have built an enviable reputation for quality of our representation.


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September 27, 2017

What is UK Carousel Fraud?

Formally called Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) VAT Fraud, Carousel Fraud can be a complex to understand due to the financial technicalities, speed and scale at which a Carousel Fraud offence is conducted. A diluted form of Carousel Fraud is acquisition fraud which takes place when a product is imported VAT free from abroad and then sold on to someone in the UK with VAT. The VAT owed to the government is then not paid with the seller usually disappearing. Carousel Fraud is estimated to cost up to £14 billion per annum Carousel Fraud occurs as a more complex form of Acquisition Fraud and involves goods being imported VAT free and then traded through a string of companies, each one liable […]
August 27, 2017

Criminal Defence Solicitors Leeds

When you find yourself faced with Criminal Charges and need a Criminal Defence Solicitor is is often wise to align yourself with a solicitor that has expertise in criminal law. If you live in Leeds, or anywhere in West Yorkshire or have been summonsed to Leeds Magistrate or Crown Court then you should make contact with Qamar and his legal team. Qamar Solicitors Leeds specialise in all areas of crime, recognized as experts in serious crime and fraud cases. If you have been called for an interview under caution, or have been arrested you should call their law offices inLeeds 0113 457 2616. Our website has a wealth of information on all sorts of times that we have defended clients. […]