Fraud Cases


R v RS: Manchester Crown Court – Conspiracy to defraud insurance companies

RS was found not guilty after Trial in relation to an allegation of Conspiracy to Defraud insurance companies, one of the biggest cases of its kind in England and Wales.

The case dubbed “Crash for Cash” involved a number of conspirators who were alleged to have conned motorists by staging accidents and claiming compensation from the insurance companies.

R v WN: Bradford Crown Court – Money laundering & Conspiracy to defraud

WN was acquitted during a half time submission after the Prosecution case concluded during the Trial.

The case involved multiple Defendants, which included Solicitors, Mortgage/Financial Advisors, who were all alleged to have conspired together to obtain mortgage by fraud and subsequently dissipate the monies into various bank accounts belonging to co-conspirators.

This case involved a mass of paperwork and was prosecuted by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and involved complex issues.

R v SA: Southwark Crown Court – Large scale fraud

SA was found not guilty after a complex Trial involving multiple Defendants and a mass amount of paperwork.

SA was charged along with others, who were all alleged to have defrauded the Olympic Development Authority of over £1 million.

A complex Trial took place which was prosecuted by the Economics Crime Unit in London.