January 29, 2015

The Penalties of Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Growing in West Yorkshire

In September 2014, more than 300 cannabis plants were found in a Cannabis factory Meltham, near Huddersfield. According to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, the authorities seized and destroyed Cannabis plants and hydroponic lights used to grow the plants, the street value of the drugs seized would have been tens of thousands of pounds.

Cannabis cultivation and growth has become increasingly popular in the UK, due to developments and availability of growing equipment. It also takes the factor of transporting of the drug across borders out of the equation, minimising a lot of the risk and associated costs. It’s been suggested that some dealers of hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine have migrated to cannabis growing in recent years, due to its high profit margin and relatively low risk.

Due to rising numbers of home grows, the Police are cracking down on cannabis growth. A report by the Independent in 2012 said that at the time police were raiding “as many as 20 illegal plantations a day” in Britain. The same report also found the West Yorkshire area to have the highest production rates in the country, with around 42 factories per 100,000 people.

The Police are particularly keen to be tough on home grows and farms both nationwide and locally in the West Yorkshire  area. A large portion of the proceeds from Cannabis cultivation are re-invested into the black market, which causes damage to the economy. The money may used to support clandestine industries such as prostitution and organised crime, and other crimes covered under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

What are the Penalties for Cannabis Growing Drug Offences

Back in 2008 cannabis was changed from a class C to a Class B drug, due to changes in the overall strength of the drug available. This maximum sentence for growing cannabis is currently up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

If Cannabis is being grown on your property, or by one of your tenants, you could also be held liable under section 8 of the Misuse of Drugs act. You can find out more information about this area of the law on our Drugs on Premises guide.

What Should I do if accused of Cultivating Cannabis?

If you are accused, charged or arrested under the suspicion of cultivating cannabis, or in association with cannabis cultivation you must seek legal advice immediately. Here at Qamar Solicitors, Our expert legal team are able to provide a through service, with a robust and fair defence case. Visit our “contact us” page if you need to get in touch.