September 24, 2015

RSPCA Powers of Prosecution

Powers of Prosecution held by the RSPCA to be reviewed

The BBC reported yesterday (22nd September) that an investigation by MP’s is to be conducted into the RSPCA’s power to prosecute individuals for animal cruelty.

The investigation is being conducted to ascertain whether the existing model of investigation and prosecution is appropriate when compared to other models in use such as those adopted in Northern Ireland and Wales where animal welfare groups have the power to investigate animal cruelty but not to prosecute.  Ultimately the inquiry wants to ensure that the existing model is fit for purpose and ensures the right types of cases are being seen in the courts. In recent years there is a reported increase in the amount of investigation conducted by the RSPCA into alleged cases of animal cruelty cases.

The investigation is also looking at the overall structure and purposes of the RSPCA.

Are you being investigated for animal cruelty?

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