August 12, 2015

Sentences for drug offences

In general the three factors affecting the sentence that may be given for a drugs offence are the quantity of the drugs and whether the offence relates to possession
of drugs or supply / production of the drug. Drugs are categorised by its “class” ranging from Class A to Class C with an additional temporary class.

Class A Drug Sentences

Class A drugs, including cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and crystal meth, carry the stongest sentences with possession carrying up to 7 years in prison and / or an unlimited fine. Supply of class A drugs can warrant a sentence of up to life in prison and again and / or an unlimited fine.

Class B Drugs Sentences

Including cannabis, amphetamines and ketamine the sentences for crimes involving Class B drugs are up to 5 years in prison  and / or an unlimited fine for possession. Supply and production offences can attract up to 14 years prison sentence and / or an unlimited fine.

Class C Drugs Sentences

Drugs such as Anabolic steroids and Khat are classified as Class C drugs and carry up to 2 years in prison for possession and / or an unlimited fine. AS with class B drugs, class C drug offences can warrant up a sentence of up to 14 years and / or an unlimited fine.

How can a  drug defence solicitor help you?

With all but the smallest drug crimes being taken very seriously by the courts  it is important that you have experienced and specialist legal representation at the earliest stage. This is usually once you have been arrested and are being interviewed at the police station.

Qamar drug defence solicitors are experts are representing clients in all types of drug offences regularly attending police station interviews and making court appearances.