Robbery Defence Solicitors

Robbery takes place when someone commits theft and before or at the time of so doing, uses force, or threatens to use force – in order to steal from the victim.  The force used must be connected with the theft to amount to robbery.

In other words, robbery is deliberately taking property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it – with the additional element of violence or the threat of violence. The criminal defence solicitors at Qamar have a wealth of experience representing and defending clients facing robbery charges. Contact us as early as possible for urgent advice on the best way forward.


When can robbery take place?

Robbery can take a number of forms and can extend to scenarios including:

Robbery is a serious offence carrying a possible life sentence in prison and is an indictable only offence.  This means it will go straight to the Crown Court. Factors that will be relevant to the length of sentence include the value of stolen property, the nature and extent of violence and force used whether a weapon was involved and whether the robbery was planned.

Armed Robbery Criminal Defence Solicitors

Armed robbery is where a robbery takes place and a weapon such as a firearm, is used. Even tools can be classed as a ‘weapon’. Armed robbery can be complicated, partly because it often involves criminal gangs, drug dealers, conspiracies and so on. These invariably necessitate huge amounts of documentary, video, DNA and finger print evidence and witnesses.

How can we help?

We have years of experience in defending clients charged with muggings, robbery and armed robbery. Where necessary, we will aggressively defend our clients against unmerited charges. If you have been accused of any these offences, or know anyone that has, contact the criminal defence solicitors at Qamar immediately for urgent specialist legal advice – whether at the police station or after.

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