Murder Solicitors

To succeed in obtaining a murder conviction, the prosecution must prove to a jury beyond reasonable doubt that an individual of sound mind killed someone with intent, or intended to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), in other words, really serious harm. It our job as Defence Solicitors to present a case your case to the Jury, we are experienced defence lawyers so we know exactly how to do that if you are facing murder charges then call us today.

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Manslaughter charges

Where someone has been unlawfully killed, there may be insufficient evidence to charge an individual with murder. In these cases, the individual could be charged with:

  • Voluntary manslaughter: Where there was an intention to kill or to cause GBH – but a partial defence is available to the person charged (the defendant), or
  • Involuntary manslaughter: Where the defendant had no intention to kill or to cause GBH, for instance, where the defendant’s gross negligence, or an illegal or dangerous act resulted in someone’s death

What is Joint enterprise?

Sometimes you may require a murder defence solicitor if you are found criminally liable for your own wrongdoing, not for other people’s illegal actions.  However, where a group of people are acting together, they can be jointly charged as a ‘joint enterprise’ and convicted. This is a complex area because where a murder takes place involving more than one person who was in the same place, it may be difficult to identify who inflicted the fatal wound or blow. All those in the group could be convicted of murder on the basis they were present and therefore jointly responsible if:

  • They participated in the violence either directly or by way of encouragement
  • They realised their behaviour could result in death or serious injury
  • They intended for their actions to support the activity of the main offender

Simple association or being accidentally present at the scene is not sufficient – knowledge is required. If you have been charged with murder but you believe someone else in the group was responsible, contact us for urgent advice. The expert joint enterprise team at Qamar Solicitors will examine the evidence and advise you on your potential liability and whether any defence could be raised.

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