What is people trafficking?

People trafficking – also known as human trafficking – is treated extremely seriously by the courts and can attract a heavy prison sentence.  If you are under investigation for people trafficking or have been charged with an offence, contact specialist lawyers who are experienced in successfully representing clients charged with human trafficking.  The criminal defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors are available now to advise and represent you.

The offence of people trafficking takes place when someone arranges or facilitates the movement of another person in or out of a country for the purposes of committing a sexual offence against them, or for forced labour – or in the belief this will happen.  Organisations as well as individuals can be investigated and charged with people trafficking.

People trafficking exploits vulnerable people, usually to make a fast buck.  It has a relatively high media profile because of recent publicity surrounding modern day slavery, sham marriages and forced marriages.  Typical scenarios where people trafficking takes place include:

  • Prostitution and sexual exploitation
  • Slavery or servitude
  • Forced labour, or forced services

There are situations where individuals can be unwittingly caught up in organised people trafficking, for instance, where an organisation is under investigation.   It can be highly distressing to be investigated in connection with people trafficking if you had nothing to do with it.  Whatever the nature of the investigation, contact us as early as possible for urgent legal advice.

What if I am a victim?

It is disturbing that in some cases, criminal proceedings are brought against the victims of people trafficking where, for instance, they have been pressurised into committing offences.  However, the courts have made clear that such prosecutions may often be viewed as an abuse of court process.

The authorities must approach any investigations directly into the victims with the greatest sensitivity, and the level of any culpability must carefully analysed. In many cases, no realistic alternative was available to the exploited victim but to comply with the dominant force of others.

If you are a victim and are facing prosecution – it is vital to contact our specialist defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors without delay so that we can collate all the evidence and demonstrate you acted under force.  We approach our clients’ cases sympathetically and with great sensitivity, knowing that in most cases they had no choice but to act in the way they did.


People trafficking isa very serious offence and is tried on indictment in the Crown Court.  On conviction, a prison sentence of up to 14 years may be imposed.

How can we help?

If you or your organisation is being investigated for or charged with people trafficking, we are available now to provide expert advice and assistance.It is important to understand that there are potentially severe penalties on conviction and it is therefore vital for you to consult the best solicitors available for the most effective defence. Contact the criminal defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors immediately for urgent specialist legal advice early in the investigation.

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