Serious Fraud Legal Advice

Serious fraud and business crime are steadily increasing and the need for individuals and businesses facing fraud investigations to seek early expert, strategic advice has never been greater. The fraud team at Qamar Solicitors are highly experienced in advising and representing clients facing serious fraud charges.

It is common for fraud investigations to commence with a dawn raid with no warning, and individuals being arrested and taken to the police station for interview while homes and business premises are being searched. This enables the police and other investigating authorities to seize items and material so they can quickly gather the evidence without it being disturbed.

Clients may also face being the subject restraint orders freezing their assets.

What is Serious Fraud?

Serious Fraud can assume many guises which share the common characteristic of being both complex and pre-determined. Fraud and business crimes can include a wide range of potential charges including insurance fraud, VAT fraud, and mortgage fraud to name a few. Being investigated or charged with a serious fraud is often a long, serious and intimidating situation to be in. The experienced fraud and business crime team at Qamar Solicitors will ensure that you or your business are given the possible legal advice and defence to make sure this testing time is as stress-free as possible.

What agencies can investigate and prosecute?

A number of authorities have the power to investigate and prosecute where there is suspected fraud and business crime taking place, including:

How Our Fraud Solicitors Help You

We are experienced in fraud and business crime, representing individuals and companies who are subject to fraud allegations and prosecution. When necessary, we consult with other experts including accountants and financial lawyers to give our clients the best chance of defending any charges. Based in offices in Dewsbury and Huddersfield the Fraud Team are led by highly respected Fraud Lawyer, Qamar Islam. Contact the fraud solicitors at Qamar Solicitors LLP as early as possible for urgent specialist legal advice.