Tougher penalties for using mobile phone while driving

December 22, 2015

Tougher penalties for using mobile phone while driving

New government proposals are being put forward to increase the sentences handed down to drivers who are convicted of using a mobile phone while driving. The plans which are to be consulted in 2016, propose an increase in penalty points from 3 to 4 and an increase in fines from £100 to £150. The option for first time offenders to undertake an educational course will remain an option.

In a move designed specifically to target offences involving heavy goods vehicles,  HGV drivers will face having 6 penalty points,  double the existing number of points imposed

It is intended that the proposals along with wide ranging package of updated legislation will help improve road safety across the UK.

Road traffic lawyers

Being caught using a mobile phone while driving is a serious offence for which the repercussions can impact heavily upon an individual. If you think you have been incorrectly charged with using a mobile phone or having any concerns about the situation please contact our road traffic lawyers who will be able to advise you.