January 8, 2015

What is identity fraud?

Identity Fraud concerns unlawfully changing a person’s identity or illegally assuming the identity of another person. By definition identity fraud is stealing or creating a misleading identity that is then used for purchasing goods or obtaining services through deceptive methods. Firstly to dispel a common misconception, stealing a credit card is not in itself identity fraud; a credit card that is simply stolen is more likely to be classified as consumer fraud rather than identity theft.

What constitutes identity fraud is when private information is stolen and used to open credit card accounts under other people’s names which are then used to purchase goods.

Types of Identity Fraud

There are several different types of identity fraud and similarly many reasons for committing such crimes. Importantly, Identity fraud can occur without identity theft having taken place. Identity theft covers crimes such as forged documents and instances where fake names and false information have been used. Altering the age on some important documents can make you appear older or younger than you actually are which can be used to gain certain unfair advantages in education, sport and financially.

Identity Fraud charges range from crimes as inconsequential as a minor trying to purchase alcohol or enter a nightclub with a fake I.D, right through to cases of organised crime where identity fraud has been used to launder large amounts of money. Recent spates of online hacking also constitute identity fraud. If you have your credit card information hacked and used to send onto third party companies this is identity fraud. In instances such as recently where personal accounts on the Playstation Network have been infiltrated, this is also a count of identity fraud.

What should I do if I am facing charges of identity fraud?

If you are facing supposed charges of identity fraud you should get advice from a legal specialist as soon as possible who can help you through the often complicated legal process. Qamar Solicitors LLP employ a team of specialist fraud solicitors, Huddersfield and Dewsbury based, who operate throughout Yorkshire. Our highly skilled fraud solicitors are caring and attentive; committed to helping you through what we understand can be a stressful and upsetting time. Qamar’s professional local team will help provide you with an expert defence no matter what the severity or nature of your fraudulent crime.

Please contact our friendly, helpful team who are ready and waiting to help, or come and speak to us directly if you are facing suspected charges of fraud; Dewsbury and Huddersfield branches open normal hours.